El CEO de Bank of America, Brian Moynihan, ha enviado un memo interno a toda la plantilla de la entidad para reconocer su trabajo en un ejercicio, el de 2020, marcado por la crisis de salud. El directivo ha aprovechado la ocasión para comunicar las iniciativas que en materia de retribución se van a poner en marcha para compensar a sus empleados en tiempos de COVID. Reproducimos íntegramente el comunicado el inglés y resaltamos a continuación sus ideas principales:
El banco está reconociendo a sus empleados con los premios de compensación «Delivering Together» para reconocer su increíble trabajo durante el último y muy difícil año, una forma de decir «gracias».
Los premios se entregan al 97% de los empleados de BofA en todo el mundo.
Los empleados elegibles (con 100.000 dólares o menos en compensación total anual) recibirán un premio en efectivo de 750 dólares.
Los compañeros elegibles (entre 100.000 y 500.000 dólares de compensación total anual) recibirán un premio de entre 150 y 750 unidades de acciones restringidas.
Estos premios se suman a los incentivos anuales habituales de los empleados.
Otros beneficios mejorados que el banco ha puesto en marcha para los empleados son:

el paso a un salario mínimo de 20 dólares por hora en EE.UU;
reembolsos de hasta 100 dólares diarios por servicios de guardería; hasta ahora, Bank of America ha proporcionado 3 millones de días de servicios de guardería y cuidado de adultos, con un total de 300 millones de dólares en reembolsos.

A message from Brian Moynihan: Thank you for Delivering Together.
To my Teammates:
Earlier this week, we announced our full-year financial results for 2020. Overall, we earned nearly $18 billion – strong results for the year, while 35% lower than 2019 due to the impacts of the health crisis.
Our company and teammates were called upon to address unprecedented challenges and headwinds in the broader environment, working in support of each other, our clients and the communities where we work and live. In appreciation for your outstanding efforts, the Management Team and I, with the support of our Board of Directors, have decided to recognize employees with Delivering Together compensation awards.
These awards build on the Shared Success cash awards of US $1,000 and related stock awards announced to employees in the fourth quarter of 2017, 2018 and 2019. This year, approximately 97% of teammates will receive a Delivering Together award.
During the first quarter, all eligible teammates with US $100,000 or less in annual total compensation will be paid a cash bonus award of US $750. In a limited number of countries, this award will be appropriately adjusted to reflect local market compensation, as done in past years. U.S. teammates will receive this award on Feb. 26 (salaried employees) or March 5 (hourly employees). Teammates outside the U.S. will receive payment in March.
In addition, all eligible teammates with greater than US $100,000 to $500,000 in annual total compensation will receive a grant of between 150 to 750 restricted stock units, based on compensation tier. This stock award will have a grant date of March 1 and generally be delivered in equal payments over four years starting in 2022, and will continue to align these teammates with our performance and shareholders’ objectives. We’ll provide more details on the cash payment and the stock award in February.
These awards are in addition to any regular annual incentives that eligible employees may receive.
This move is the next step our company is taking to significantly invest in health, safety, benefits and other resources to support you during this global health and humanitarian crisis. This has included transitioning 85% of employees to work from home and providing health screenings and temperature checks, personal protective equipment, on-site nurses and testing to teammates who continue to work in our physical locations. We also continue to reimburse for alternative forms of transportation for teammates who work in the office and typically rely on public transportation, and tailored support for employees who must work on premises, including meals and meal subsidies in select U.S. locations. We offer no-cost coronavirus testing and related office visits, no-cost virtual general medicine and behavioral health consults and mental health resources. We also provide industry-leading solutions to support childcare needs — including nearly three million days of childcare and elder care support for U.S. teammates during the health crisis, above and beyond our ongoing childcare and elder care support and programs.
And earlier in 2020, we accelerated the move of our U.S. minimum rate of pay from $17 to the current $20, more than a year earlier than originally planned. Since 2010, our minimum rate of pay has increased by more than $8 per hour.
These efforts, also highlighted in our most recent Human Capital Management Report, demonstrate our commitment to ensuring Bank of America is a great place to work, and to supporting teammates in delivering for our clients every day. Your work has spanned from helping families and small businesses access critical financial relief when they needed it the most, to proactively reaching out and providing financial advice, guidance and services — what we do best — to individual, business and institutional clients during some of the most volatile times in the global markets.
In 2020, our company also announced and advanced our $1 billion, four-year initiative to accelerate work we had underway to help drive economic opportunity and racial equality, particularly for people and communities of color. We continue to report progress and key milestones in this critical work, with more to come later this month.
Our company was honored to be recognized many times last year. Among them, Fortune named us as one of the 100 best companies to work for, one of the best big companies to work for and one of the best workplaces for women. Euromoney awarded us the North America Excellence in Leadership award for our response to the coronavirus, and Forbes named us to their 2020 Corporate Responders list in recognition of our work through the health crisis.
As we move forward, our mandate remains the same: to realize the “genius of the and” as we deliver for our clients and shareholders and for society and its biggest challenges. Our company does this by driving Responsible Growth, together.
Thank you again for all your efforts.
Awards subject to local regulatory requirements and approval as needed.